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Level 2 Temporary Water Restrictions


Authorized pursuant to Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District Resolution No. 2015-03-02, Temporary Water Use Restrictions During Scheduled or Unscheduled Events Impacting District Water Supply and Water Supply System. A copy may be found on the District's website.

For further Detail, please see the Declaration of Temporary Water Use Restrictions.

The District has experienced an unscheduled water event resulting in a water shortage impacting the District’s water supply system. Sometime in the early morning hours of July 24, 2016, the District began to experience low water/no water pressure. At 7:24 a.m, the District was contacted of the water issues. Staff responded as quickly as possible. Generally, the staff is able to respond within an hour. The SCADA system failed to notify the pumps to turn on and fill the water tank. The system is monitored by a SCADA system.

A SCADA system is a supervisory control and data acquisition system. This allows for remote monitoring and control that sends out coded signals for the system. The water system in Falcon Highlands was built in 2002. The District authorized the building of new SCADA system at its July 11, 2016 meeting. The computers have been ordered and the view screens for the system are being built. Because SCADA system is not a system that can be ordered as off the shelf product, it takes time to get the SCADA system in place.

Once the pumps were started, the District was able to begin filling the water tank. In order to get the District’s 1 million gallon water tank filled, the District decided to enact the Level 2 Temporary Water Use Restrictions. Level 2 Temporary Water Use Restrictions mean no irrigation on commercial or residential property. The Temporary Water Use Restrictions were authorized by the District at the March 9, 2015 meeting.

Updates will be posted on the District’s website and posted at:
Bulletin Board at the Falcon Fire Protection District, 7030 Old Meridian Road, Peyton, CO 80831
Mailbox cluster at the corner of Antelope Meadows Circle and Bridal Vail Way
Mailbox cluster at the corner of Bridal Vail Way and Seely Circle
Water Treatment Plant, 7464 Antelope Meadows Circle, Peyton, CO
For questions or violations email the District at Cynthia.Beyer@claconnect.com or
call the District’s office at 303-779-5710.

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